How RUPHNA, An Undergraduate Went From Her 9-5 Side Hustle That Drains Her To Someone Who Now Makes Between 100k-200k+ Every Month From The Comfort Of Her Home Using My P.S.O.V System


If you hate money and are a lazy reader, close this page because although a bit lengthy, the information I am about to share with you is the same information that caused the following screenshots below and more… 

All these are the results of my students…

Now back to Ruphina.

Rufina joined us on the 26th of January 2022. (see proof below)

In her first month, she had her exams so she could not get started till mid-February… Before then she was running a side business that she started with N25,000.

According to her, that business was draining her and not really encouraging because she goes to the spot where she waits for customers early in the morning and then stays there till evening before she gets home.

The business was one that required her presence and time because whenever a customer comes over there and sees no one, they leave. 

Mind you, this is a student area

And so unlike what I thought it seemed, she was really struggling…

She said sometimes in a day she makes 200, some days N1000, and some days N2000 but it was just never stable, and being a student made it even. more. harder. because both school and the business required her time and attention

And for the fact that she was the one catering for herself in school, she just couldn’t stop the business because it was her only source of income

So this was really a hassle for her.


Now, fast-forward to early January, I was making a call with a customer who was complaining that he is yet to receive his package after a week plus of placing his order…

The customer ordered products worth N75,000 which we had way billed since one week ago but still yet, due to logistics issues, the package had not gotten to him. 

So because of this, after I had calmed my customer, reassuring him that he would get it before the weekend, I went on another call with the delivery company we used to send out the waybill I was telling him the worth of the goods that they are yet to deliver in a very angry tone because I was really pissed. 

I used my cash to send out stocks expecting to use the cash to send out others only to be hearing stories from the company. 

So while answering that call, I spilled out numbers (75k, the delivery cost and all which she heard loud and clear). 

When I ended the call, the first thing she asked me was ben, which business be this one na…Show me way na…

She was my neighbor then “Then” because she has graduated from her ND right now and is currently in Lokoja for her IT. 

She was like “I know say you dey into something since because why you dey always dey on your laptop 2. 4. 7?” 

Now, you have to note this she had a roommate who was also my friend.

If it was her roommate who asked me that question, I’ll just make one excuse or the other and leave but because I know her to be a really hard-working and highly motivated person, I started with the question, How far that your business na?

She told me it was good and all and then I asked, how much do you make per day maximum (That is the highest you’ve made in a day since you started that business? 

She told me it was 3000 naira and that is for people who call for events and not just from students…Omor!! I weak. 

I use to think she makes a lot of cash from that her business because each time I pass there, I see her at the spot. It’s not a shop please it’s more like a spot (and No. It’s not a POS business) I don’t know why but she asked me not to disclose the business when I told her I would be sharing her story with my audience 

Now before her, I already had students who were doing 6 figures monthly so I didn’t need to say much to convince her about how lucrative dropshipping is…

I simply pulled out my phone and showed her my order emails from my sales funnels and some credit alerts I had received the night before that day…Because most agents I work with always remit cash at night once home. 

Here are some screenshots of money remitted to me

The moment she saw a series of my own alerts, she immediately asked a question that only business-minded people always ask.

“How much do I need to start this business?”

At the time, and because I knew she was inexperienced, I simply told her N50,000 would get her started.

I told her that if she was already experienced, N20,000 can get her started but because I would be the one guiding her just like I do for all my students, I told her to just keep 50k aside, 30k for the course, 5k for a domain with .xyz extension and then the remaining 15k for ads.

But then she did not stop at the capital, she was like is that all I need to start?
I was like, you would also need a laptop sha or at least have access to one. End of discussion.
Everyone was back to their normal lives…
Fast-forward to a week later after that conversation, madam was back in school with a laptop. Omooor!!! I have not seen this type of determination before…Anyways this was when I knew she was serious sha…
I told her to calm down that she needs to fully understand what she is going into before she think of getting the course that comes with my mentorship I sent a video where I broke down everything she needed to know about dropshipping and that was how she got started.
Here’s a screenshot of her payment and the date too at the top.
I asked her to go through the normal process all my students do go through because I use the payment screenshot to show my audience the number of people that have paid for it.

Now, although there were times when she was frustrated and tired, when she talks to me, I just tell her what I always tell myself.

It’s business fam! It’s not supposed to be a walk in the park. Eg: Picture below. That was on the 10th of march

I went through our old chats just to find more…SEE BELOW

This below was in april when things were already going very well for her…Here is her reply on one of whatsapp status

With the screenshot below, no one needs to tell you that we lived in the same lodge and that this is someone that was a casual friend even before she became my student

So she went from getting the course, building her website, and getting her first three orders to Now making 15+ orders within three days selling a 25,000 naira product. Do the math Here are some of her results in no regular order check the dates

Here is the current one where she got the 15 orders of a 25k product in three days… Do the math.

Wonder why dropshipping works right?

Here’s why:

Unlike starting a normal shop, the entry barrier is very low…

You don’t need 500-800k to start, you can start with as little as 50, 60, 70, 80k…Depending on your strength and then scale up from there

Now before you stangle me for calling 50-80k+ Little, let me explain

I call it Little because if you are into businesses, you should know by now that there is rarely any business that doesn’t require some sort of capital to start.

And aside the low capital part, another reason why dropshipping works is that you don’t have to import the product you sell, heck! You don’t even need to touch it. You can be in zamfara and be selling your product in Lagos without you ever stepping your foot in Lagos

That is why people around me think I am a yahoo boy because I am always on my laptop and always in my room while still earning a living…

LISTEN…I can’t really tell you everything about dropshipping here on this page but what I can do for you is that I can give you the same video that I gave ruphina before she joined us in January…That video explains every single thing you need to know about dropshipping and how you can get started immediately

In the video, I revealed the same P.S.O.V system that ruphina used to go from a broke and struggling entrepreneur, to someone who now banks 6 figures every month from her business

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