How One Physical Product From China Can Transform Your Life

By Bernard Okoye

Amaokpala | Dec. 27, 2023

In 2023, between January and august, I sold over 940 pcs of the product below

Click to watch the video below

Check out the picture of it below 

it’s called the 360 ROTATIONAL MOP

just incase you think i am bluffing, here is my Snipercrm records below

It was my top performing product in 2023

Stopped selling it around august yet no other product could beat the numbers

Was getting it between 6500-7000 depending on the seller and i was selling for N18,000 see screenshot from my sales page below

Delivery rate was between 2500-6000 depending on location

Advert cost was 10k-25k/day

Average order per day was 10-20 orders…

First week of January was when I tested the product

I got over 77 orders between 31’st and 3rd of January

The orders were soo much I had to get an assistant

See proof below (The last one see the date)

Somedays it was more but rarely less than 10 orders in a day

Now do the math…

For 940 orders

On each order i get a minimum pure 100% profit of 6k-10k (This is after ever cost has been removed and we have just profit left)

This is determined by the delivery cost

The more the delivery cost the less the profit

The less the delivery cost the more the profit and vice versa

Now, I’d leave the Math to you…

Assume on all 940 delivered orders, I made just 6k per order, multiply it by my total delivered orders (940) and tell me what you see on your calculator…

I’m waiting….

Funny thing is that some days the delivery fees were as low as 2500…So whatever you got from your calculations, there is still more on it…

Now you're probably wondering...

"Mr Ben, How did you do it?"

And i would show you in a sec but it's important to note:

As much as the figures sounds good, it’s not all cute and rosy, 

For example, i got scammed by fraudulent customers twice within that period.

One was for this product and the other was for a jack i was selling at 105k at the time.

They’d do a fake transfer and when the delivery guy is gone, they’ll be no where to be found… 

And there were cases where customers would order and when the delivery guy gets to them they’d begin telling all sorts of stories… 

Stories like their cat got stuck in their car engine and they used the money to change it bla.. bla blaaaaa

Days where 60% of the orders we got were just rescheduling to next week or the next day etc…

My point is…Unlike most gurus on the internet i am not one to paint a perfect picture for you when i know it is not.

Infact, just like every business, it comes with it’s own challenges..

The beauty of it is that amidst the challenges, you be smiling to your bank account at the end of the day

Which makes all the stress and challenges worth it


With that out of the bottle,


1 – I took out time to source for different products and once i found any product that ticks my How to spot a hot product box, I go to the next step

2- I confirm if there is a low cost Wholesaler of that product currently in Nigeria using a SECRET WEBSITE (where we find low-cost sellers of the product so we don’t have to import it).

Why this is important is because unlike other big dogs in the ecommerce industry, not everyone have millions to import products…

So we leverage those who import it from china in large quantity for resale

And we dropship these products for them. 

More light on this later

3- Like I always tell my student…

You MUST ONLY sell products that are PROVEN to sell. That was my next step.

I confirmed if the product is actually selling

One way to do this is by using what I call the ‘Dropshipping Product Litmus Test’ – 

The way the litmus test works is – you create ads and try to sell the product before you go all in on marketing and scaling the product

If a lot of people show interest in buying it, that is when you actually go all in. 

In my case, I used the litmus test to try out 2 different products at the time.

Out of the two products, the 360 mop brought in soo much orders than i could even handle myself

I had to get an assistant.

4- I Worked From My Room:

Many people waste their small capital on renting shops or office space.

Not me…

All I had with me was my laptop, my generator, my phone, a virtual assistant and my room.

As a Dropshipper, you don’t need a shop or an office.

So, don’t waste your capital on renting a shop.

5. I used facebook adverts and my website to Market it:

The next thing I did was to run adverts on facebook to my already built sales page I built while I was testing the product 

A sales page is a page similar to this one you’re on but that one was for physical products

The beautiful thing about setting up a sales page is that once you’ve done the work once, it would keep bringing in sales and orders for you daily

Take a look at this one you’re on for example

I wrote this on the 27th of December but look at you reading it and understanding even without my presence…

I used a combination of Facebook ads and a sales page for the product


First, because there are a lot of buyers on Facebook.

And when you combine facebook ads and a good product sales page, you have a perfect selling machine in your hands.

6. I Used Pay on Delivery:

Pay on delivery is a fantastic way to get more sales than when you ask people to pay upfront.


Many Nigerians are skeptical about buying things online from someone they don’t know.

But when you give them the chance to pay on delivery, you will get more sales.

You will also get some returns but it won’t matter and it won’t be much if you follow the next advice.

7. I Delivered Products Within 24 – 48 Hours:

Most of my customers ordered from Lagos and at the time i had two sure wholesalers of it who help me dropship it

So i usually share the product orders amongst them so the load would  not be too much on one of them that they’re unable to deliver.

This way, my returns were very low and I made lot of profits.

8. I began to expand my reach after i had made enough cash to buy stocks and send out to outside states like Abuja:

Now when you start, you may or may not have the money to buy stocks and send out

That is why you have to start with lagos first

Why Lagos?

Because most of this suppliers we use are in Lagos

Now that does not mean you can’t have wholesalers in other states ooo

For example i had one for the mop in rivers

So i began running ads targeting not just people in Lagos but also people in rivers.

But then when i had sold soo many and had enough cash at hand, i began buying and sending out

As i speak to you right now I still have some mop stocks in abuja and delta

Just few…Had to leave it because I got a better converting product and a lot of people went into selling mop

But that’s not my point .

The main point is…

Dropshipping is never the end goal, it is just a starting point… 

As you grow, you go into ecommerce proper like me 

And then you have enough money from ecommerce that you start importing your own branded products.

Now I am not alone who run it this way, I have over 60+ students who are currently running successful dropshipping businesses...

See picture below


I and my students are proof that the Smart Dropshipping Business is very profitable.

You can make millions from a single product when you use this smart dropshipping approach

Later on, you can expand to more products.

And then to E-commerce proper

Right now, the overall E-commerce business in Nigeria is booming. 

And as you know, Dropshipping is just a model of Ecom

They’re all have to do with selling physical products online

The only difference is in dropshipping you sell but you don’t own the product

While ecom you buy the products and then you sell them

That’s just the difference

According to a study published on, the E-commerce industry in Nigeria is now worth $22 Billion (N21 Trillion) as you can see below:


This is one of the reasons why I have committed to this business since 2021 and never looked back

Because each year, I don’t just grow, I also watch my students and those around me grow through e-commerce (the dropshipping model)

I also love and recommend the smart Dropshipping business model because:

​So, How Come a Lot of Nigerians Are Not Doing This?

There are three reasons:

(1) They don’t know about the business

(2) They know about it but they lack enough information to get started and succeed with it.

Because just like these set of people, I once thought I needed to import products before I could sell them and this made me quit e-commerce because as at the time the capital I needed for importation was too high and I did not have it, that was 2017 before I knew better

(3) The smart ecommerce business works best if you have at least N50k-100k as capital and willingness to do a little work.

But the good thing is that you can turn your capital into a lot of profits within a few weeks if you use a proven system.

Talking about a proven system, permit me to invite you to a guy who has helped many people succeed with their smart Dropshipping business in Nigeria.

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You're probably wondering...

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You’re not wrong

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