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Tired of searching for jobs in Nigeria?

Do you need legal money? Like a lot of it?

Do you ever feel the need to sit at home and not go out just to avoid getting into any trouble because you do not have any money to settle life challenges that may pop up?

Do you ever wonder how you can get yourself cars, iphones, houses and the nice things of life with the amount of money you are currently earning.

If you answered yes to more than one question above then pay very close attention to every single word on this page

Just like you, two years ago I will isolate myself from anything that would require that I spend money, especially if my rich Friends were attending. 

I’ll come up with different excuses as to why I can’t make it to the event or hang out when really it’s just because I lacked money and was barely surviving with the little one I had.


This is me in January 2021 at this time already dropped out of school because my parents were unable to meet up with the money I needed for my HND clearance. 

They were only able to send me some foodstuffs and money for my house rent.

At the time due to how desperate I was to make money in any form online because I’m a chronic introvert (so i have never really searched for a physical job), I stumbled on a YouTube video that was explaining how I could make money doing affiliate marketing

one thing led to the other so I took a big risk… I took my house rent and used it’s to get the affiliate marketing course with the hopes that I will be able to make the money back in less than two months. 

Long story short. I lost my house rent and ended up squatting with my very good friend Davido for over 6 months.

This below is a video of me with him then in his Lodge.

In my quest to find a way to earn some money I’m not sure there was any business online I did not try. I even tried building my Instagram to use it to make money. You can check it out at 

Instagram handle – #iambernardokoye (check the dates of my post to verify the year and month if you need more proof)

I tried to teach online using WhatsApp classes…Heck! I even wrote a book in that period that did not sell much

This pic below is a picture from Facebook of the book I wrote that year

See year in the picture below

You can still go and verify on my facebook wall my post are still there till date. Just type Bernard Okoye and you would see my page

Like I had tried literally everything I could think of at the time but nothing seem to work and I was running out of time because what I told Davido my friend was that I will stay for just 2 months but it’s almost four months and nothing was working. 

I can’t tell you the number of times I questioned my existence, the amount of times I wondered why nothing seems to be working for me. 


Regardless of all these tho, I still read, visit YouTube and also continued to search for how I could make money in Nigeria online because those were the only options I had.


As life or do i say God may have prepared it, I stumbled on a video by Courage Ngele where he talked about a different kind of e-commerce where I did not need to import a single product from abroad. 


Mind you…I already had knowledge on e-commerce but then I lacked capital for importation. 

So discovering I could actually get these rare products here in Nigeria and not just that I can get them… but also that I could get them at a cheaper price was like a window of opportunity just opened up to me. That was how I began Dropshipping.


I borrowed money from my friend, former roomate and current partner  EMMA which I lost on Facebook advert twice while trying to sell my first two products…


I almost gave up when I decided to study what exactly I was doing wrong so while studying this, I decided I was going to copy and paste every single thing from a product that was selling very well for a friend of mine. 


I did. The sales page, the video I used and every single thing was copy and paste. 


Once I launched the ad omo! that was the day i got my first four orders. Three were delivered and I made a total of 25,500. I would never forget this figure.


Once the seller sent the cash to me it was like a dream. I rushed and told my partner whom without his help i would not have had any money to try the third time.


From there on, the rest is history. 

With this business model I have been able to not just go back to school but I currently stay in 230,000 Self Contain as a student see proof below.

And I now send money to my parents, not the other way round.

And most importantly, i now feel confident in myself but that’s not all…

 I have gone on to teach over 58 people made up of both married women, married men, bachelor, students, Majority of whom are now steady 6 – 7 figure earners

Here are some of my students reviews


"As a student, after I joined the community, I made so much money that i barely ask my parents for money..."





And many more from other students…

Now since this business model can take a broke dropout like me from where I was to where I currently am, but most importantly, it took a lot of my students from where they were to 6-7 figure monthly earners, I believe not spreading the word about this is just pure wickedness on my side and that is why I have decided to spread the word of this business model…

Listen, I don’t know what you were doing before you got on this page. 

I don’t know what point it is you currently are in your life but if you… my friend. are looking for a business model that can earn you upwards of 200-600k monthly then seeing my advert and landing on this page may be your greatest testimony this 2023.

I have recorded a video where I broke down everything you need to know about this business model and how you too can get started and i would be giving it out to you if you want it. 


I am literally giving you what I never had at the start, a guide or mentor who would have shown me everything involved so i would be able to know what i was going into but then i learnt the hard way after i had lost a lot of money on adverts that did not conver.


Need the video? Click the button below to get it.

NB: Just so you don’t think I’m trying to play mind games with you, here is exactly what is about to happen when you click the button to get the video.

1: You will be directed to my WhatsApp where I will ask you to save my contact as i would also save yours because you will find my statues really helpful to you if you are serious about dropshipping and e-commerce.

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Now if for any reason at all my offer does not show you enough reason why you need my course and support you can just use the free premium information you got in the video and do it on your own and learn from your own mistakes…So you see, it’s a win-win for you.


Now that you know exactly what to expect from this point only two things can happen. 


1: You can close this page and go back to living your life with zero information about this business model or you can click the button below and I will send you your free premium video which ever you decide my friend, I wish you well.