Here's an outline of everything you would be learning in the D.A.P 2.0

For each topic below click it for a summary of what it’s about


Just a brief summary about what to expect by the end of the course

Here I equip you with the mindset of a 7 figure Dropshipper


Here you’d learn how to source for hot selling products on

Here you’d learn another way you can source for hot selling products using facebook ads library

Here you’d learn another SECRET way you can source for hot selling products using TIKTOK

Here you’d learn another way you can source for hot selling products using Youtube

Here you’d learn another unique way you can source for hot selling products using your suppliers

Here you’d learn another unique way you can source for hot selling products using a web app called MY AD FINDER


I want you to take a pause and look around this website you’re on. Imagine having something like this built by you.

In this section you would be equipped with everything you need to build a full blown website without writing a single line of code…

If you follow this video from start to finish, you’d end up with a full blown website

Quick question, can you see me?

Am I on this page one on one speaking with you?

But do you understand what i have put on this page? That’s the power of your sales page

I am currently writing this by 7:15 am in this cold weather and by the time you’re reading this, I’m probably somewhere else doing some other work or even setting up more sales pages for my other products

This is the power of a sales page.

It’s like a sales girl who works for you 247 for 365 days without complain. You only have to take your time to set her up once and you’re good to go and do whatever you like

In this section you’ll be learning how to build a high converting sales funnel for your business.

With this, you’d be able to build multiple sales pages for as many products as you choose…

Here you’d learn how you can import any template of your choice. The templates i would give you or that of anyone who gives it to you in the future

You would also learn to export just incase you need to share yours with someone


Here you’d learn everything you need to know about the facebook platform…

And you’d also find out all you need to have on standby to kick off the facebook ads process

If you’re a beginner with zero experience then this video would do you a lot of good so when others are talking about facebook ads, you won’t feel lost


It’s a crucial part of facebook advertising. Knowing what everything you see on the ads manager mean

Here you’d learn the new and current way to create a facebook business page even if you tried before and facebook told you “you have created soo many pages”

Here you’d be learning how to create a business manager on facebook for your business

This is where you would manage your all your business assets

Once you’ve created a business manager, the next thing is to create your business ad account you would be using to run ads

Here, i showed you how to do that and i also showed you how to assign it to yourself for full control

A pixel is like a tracker. It is what help you track everything that is happening on your ad account

It tells you the action your customers are taking so you can know what’s working and what is not

Here I showed you how you can create your own pixel and link it to your website

You see…Something a lot of people are yet to understand about facebook is that

Facebook know about almost everything you do online, the know the websites you visit, they know if you’re married, they know your favourite music player applications, they know if you travel a lot, they know if you love sports or not, THEY HAVE THE DATA THAT IS WHY WE PAY THEM

And trust me i don’t blame people who don’t know this about facebook because you’d only know this through experience or someone sharing the info with you just like i am doing

In this section I taught you how you can understand the facebook Audience and how you can target properly for great result

This one is really a goldmine

Here i showed you a way that works every single time i am my students have used it.

You’d learn how we create ads that pull in orders like crazy!

Not to over exaggerate or anything but this is the most important video in the facebook ads section


Because when it comes to facebook ads, we never can tell what works if we don’t test.

Testing is what differentiate those who do great figures from those who don’t

Because if you don’t test how would you know what works before scaling?

I showed you have you can do just that in this video

After you’re done testing what next?

What do you look out for?

That’s where this lesson comes in…This would help you understand when to stop a creative and when to fix either your landing page or ad creative or even when to just turn off that ads and move on

Here i showed you how you can get unlimited amount of creatives for your product test

Until you’re in search of creatives, you won’t know how important this is…

Here you’d learn how to contact facebook support whenever the need calls

Section 4: OFFERS (worth n50,000)

What is an offer?

You’d learn what an offer is here


You’d learn what it means here

Here you’d learn how to craft offers your customers can’t say NO to!

Section 5: CUSTOMER SERVICE (n20,000)

Have a customer ever told you something like

Your price is to expensive? I saw it at a cheaper price? I will get back to you?

What do you say when customers say things like this?

I got you!

As a beginner, you may feel nervous on your first couple of call so i have drafted out a template that would help you kick that off as soon as you call your customer

You won’t stagger or anything you’d just read the script out the way i showed you and you’ll be able to continue from there

Here i’d show you how to follow up on customers who ordered but are yet to purchase

If you do this well, you’ll close a lot of sales you would have lost


Before you record a voice over, how do you write the script you’d read out?

I showed you how here.

Here you’d learn how to record your voice over on your edited videos

BONUSES (worth n70,000)