Bernard Okoye

The “E-commerce Dropshipping” King


Bernard okoye is a well renowed business man.

He is a man that believes in the power of value given to others and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Bernard Okoye although from a middle class home with four brothers and the second born has refused to settle for anything less than he is capable of achieving...

In 2021 it hit him that he could not longer rely on his parents so he made a tough decision of dropping out. This is a guy that did not have any issues in any the entire courses he did through out his ND oo

He still had to make that tough decision so he could find his way in the world

As someone who never saw him self working for anyone because all he knew while growing was business and he also knew due to his lifestyle if he were to work for anyone, he would be sacked in the first week

Because if he is not late on the first two days then that's not Bernard

Think I'm lying


The work has to be very important and something he can do long term for him to indulge in it not to even talk of being on time to it.

So left with no option, Bernard tried out soo many businesses and two stood out

The first one "affiliate marketing" he lacked cash to push it after getting the affiliate marketing course because he was never told the financial requirements he would need to start the affiliate marketing business before he got the program so when he got in, and got frustrated along the line,

He got frustrated because what he used to get the course then was his house rent and he still needed extra cash to make it work...Now this is not a shade on affiliate marketing I know friends who are killing it there.

The second business that stood out...out of all businesses he tried out...

The one that took him from that broke guy who used his house rent to get a course to the same guy who financed his entire HND education from start to finish.

To a guy who went from living in a 110k house in 2022 as a student to a 250k rental house in 2023 all paid by the proceeds from that business.

That business is called E-commerce Dropshipping...

I have recorded out a video that breaks down everything you need to know about this business model

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